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Higher Education Consulting
Higher Education Consultants counsel Colleges, Universities and nearly all types of Higher Education Institutes, including Technical and Vocational Institutions. Our experienced staff will assist your Institution with every thing from State License Writing to Institution evaluation for student retention.
License Writing
We Will Write Your Required State License Or We Will Assist You with Writing Your Required State Licensure, First Time or Annual.
Every Institution is required to have a State License to operate or issue a diploma. This can be a very difficult and time consuming process. Every Institute is required to report to the state annually. It is not necessary for an Institution to hire a full time staff to facilitate this process. Every state has very specific criteria and standards which must be adhered to in great detail.

Our Education Consultants are skilled professionals who have in-depth knowledge of State Licensure Procedures.
The process involves the orchestration of specific required information, publications and faculty. Our Highly Trained Staff will write and/or assist you in writing all of the required criteria.

Policy and Procedure Manual
Student Hand Book
Faculty Hand Book
Administrative Hand Book
Employee Hand Book
Professional Printing and Binding of all materials

Educational Institution Evaluation
Few choices have as great an impact as the choice of a School or College. Students and their families can find this decision overwhelming as they struggle to evaluate options and make wise choices. Choosing the right College can be puzzling.

Studies show that students often limit their College choices to Institutions their friends attend or those close to home. What factors should be considered when selecting a college? How do you know that, if a student enters your Institution the personnel will be able to assist, instruct and retain the student and their family?

Our Highly Trained Consultants enter the Institution as a student. The consultant then evaluates all areas including admission, financial aid, academic advisement, advisors and scheduling, from the position of a student. Everything that any applying student would encounter our Consultant objectively evaluates, with out any of the personnel knowing that they are being evaluated. This process ensures a completely objective assessment of many areas of the institution. Every effort is made to retain every student entering the doors of the Institution.

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