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Higher Education Consulting
Studies show that students often limit their College choices to Institutions their friends attend or those close to home. What factors should be considered when selecting a College? How do you know if a student enters an Institution that the personnel will be able to assist, instruct and retain the student and their family?

  Student Retention
Higher Education Consultants counsel Colleges, Universities and nearly all types of Higher Education Institutes, including Technical Institutions. The consultants enter the school as a student. The consultant evaluates all areas including admission, financial aid, academic advisement, advisors and scheduling, from the position of a student. Everything that any applying student would encounter the Consultant evaluates, with out any of the personnel knowing they are being evaluated. This process insures that every effort is made to retain every student entering the doors of the Institution.

Advice for students and families
Our Higher Education Consultants are skilled professionals who provide counseling to Educational Institutions to help the student and family choose a School, College or other program that is a good personal match: one that will foster this particular student's academic and social growth. Our Educational Consultants can give a more in-depth understanding to the Institution on how to provide a student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and a time line to explore all of the options.

Finding the Right School, College, University
School guidance counselors provide limited assistance that students need. School-based counselors are often burdened with other duties and simply do not have the time they would like to spend on College placements. Higher Education Consultants can be a valued resource for Institutions in order to provide expertise in advising students, especially students with special circumstances such as learning or physical disabilities.

Our Higher Education Consultants bring the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional, coupled with a commitment to assuring that the Institution and Students best interests are met. Consultants spend hours with the Institution, getting to the heart of what is best for the student and what options are available. What is the best way to assist families in the selection of educational programs, based on the student's individual needs and talents? Many of these needs may be met through a myriad of letters, brochures, videos and catalogs that students collect in their search.

Our Consultants assist with the application and admissions process.

Having someone who understands the system can help ease this stressful time for the student and family. Our Consultants regularly attend conferences and workshops to stay current on developments in their field. They have experience in College Admissions and know the intricacies of preparation, applications, essays and financial aid.

With colleges getting more expensive and competitive, families feel increased pressure to make the right college choice. The Admissions Officer must serve as a student's personal resource in identifying programs, personal preferences and social norms that fit his or her individual preferences.
Parents consider alternatives to their student’s current school for a variety of reasons: the need for individualized attention; the desire for more structure and discipline to learn better work habits and study skills; or dissatisfaction with the quality of available educational options. The right Institution can provide countless academic and extra-curricular opportunities to maximize a student’s potential and development of new interests, skills and life-long friendships.

Institutions differ in setting, size, philosophy and structure. Teaching and discipline styles, religious affiliation, and the role of arts and athletics are additional elements that define each school. What other factors should be considered when choosing a school? How does the family know if your student will feel comfortable? Will the school adequately meet the student’s unique needs? Who will be the student’s friends and role models?

Our Educational Consultants are trained professionals who possess extensive knowledge of educational options. This expertise, combined with a caring approach to understanding the student, helps families identify with your Institution which is both academically and socially appropriate.

Our Higher Education Consultant meets personally with Staff and Administrators to discuss their unique concerns.
To find the right "fit" for students and staff, the consultant learns as much as possible about your Institution. Our Consultants help you clarify your staff's concerns and our Consultant can help facilitate the process of selecting the latest techniques to ensure a successful and happy staff which will ensure the Institutes viability.

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The consultant provides a complete search of the Institution
Consultants pride themselves on extensive first-hand knowledge of colleges, big and small. They spend 20% of their time on the road, meeting with admission officers, touring campuses, and exploring the campus environment. This personal insight provides an Institution with a much deeper understanding of a student’s view of an Institution rather than just survey questioners. Because consultants are familiar with a multitude of colleges, they can present Institutions with a wider selection of possibilities.

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